Welcome to the TONE Schlauchtechnik GmbH!

Machines for the assembling of hydraulic hoses

“Tone Schlauchtechnik GmbH” of fers powerful machines and components for the assembling of hydraulic hoses.
Established in 1994 we have grown meanwhile into a small innovat ive and successful company.

The focus of our work (assembling of hydraulic hoses) , has been shif ted towards engineering and assembling of machines.
We have used the latest knowledge from hose assembling and successfully implemented it in the development process and the product ion of our machines.

Due to our long experience, we have succeeded in developing and producing very compact and efficient service machines.

They meet the EU norms, A- class standards, innovation requirements as well as the cur rent secur ity regulat ions.
Of cause, we also of fer customized machines and solut ions, as well as solut ions for hose workshop improvements.